The Lustig groupis a consulting firm dedicated to helping leaders and their organizations elevate performance.

For close to two decades we have been coaching professionals to move beyond their constraints to produce individual breakthroughs while creating environments of leadership, accountability and excellence.continue

Executive Coachingis fundamental to achieving exceptional individual and team performance.

Our clients view coaching as an interactive partnership, that supports them to overcome constraints, forward professional development, and increase their project success rate, peace of mind and bottom line results.continue

Leadership:The Master Planis a life-changing 12-month journey that empowers you to be a true leader in any situation.

The material in this program represents a breakthrough in leadership development and has recently been delivered at several university business schools and a U.S. Military Academy.continue

Mission Controlis an award winning approach for improving your performance and increasing your productivity.

Clients consistently report a dramatic increase in their ability to focus and get things done with fewer resources while significantly reducing their levels of stress.continue

Small Business:Business BreakthroughsRunning a small business successfully is as much an art as it is a science.

Our focus is on developing skillful leadership and management, effective sales and marketing processes and the ability to powerfully respond to change and uncertainty – all while maintaining a high level of personal satisfaction.continue

Organizational Performanceis determined by its culture – and the dynamic network of conversations that comprise it.

To produce sustained breakthroughs in performance you must work at the level of context and learn to harness the force of your organizational culture. We understand that the real challenge is all about people.continue

About Us

We’re people experts.
Using a proprietary methodology, we design customized consulting, training and coaching initiatives to impact your key objectives. Our focus is on your breakthrough performance and results in the areas of communication, profitability, productivity, management and making a difference in the world.


MISSION CONTROL: Productivity + Accomplishment Workshop

August 25 - October 20, 2016

MISSION CONTROL: Productivity + Accomplishment Workshop

October 14 - December 16, 2015

Leadership: The Master Plan